Team Roster

"I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion. -Mia Hamm"

Ethan HallDan "Thunderboots" Ross
Josh "Hater" LofgreenJay "Sprinkles" Mead
Russell "Luso" WiardaErik "Chrome" Cromer
David "Torch" McclannahanJames "Cali" Bianca
Ben "Ben10" LuceroAlan "Landshark" Helwig
Dan "Dash" Thompson

Team means more to Anomaly than anything else. A group in itself does not necessarily constitute a team, even a group comprised of singularly great players. Total commitment to the team above personal gain creates an environment that allows everyone to go beyond their limitations.

Spotlight - Alan "Landshark" Helwig

"Ethan, we gotta bunker that guy!" *waits* "Yeah, Alan, we sure do!" *also waits* -_- *still waiting* *Whistle blows and we both walk off the field a little sheepishly* One of my favorite games with Alan was one of our worst - neither of us could quite muster up the courage or energy to run someone down, but we weren't short on encouragement for the other to get their ass out there and probably get lit up. All it took was one game like that, though, and now "We gotta bunker that guy" is a funny and compelling reminder to dig deep, run harder, take a risk, back up your bros, or just stop giving a crap if you get lit up or not! Alan takes extra delight in running past the youngsters (that is, everyone ELSE on the team) and hollering for us to come back him up when he's 50 feet ahead of us. Occasionally, we can catch him between sprints and turn the tables on him, prompting an "Aw, HELL! Ok, here I come!"

The constant encouragement we get from Alan comes in a variety of methods. Leading by example, infrequent motivational speeches, the threat of being our-hustled by "the old guy," but mostly just knowing that you're gonna have some fun balling if you're shoulder to shoulder w/ Alan. Reliable in all things - if Alan says that he'll be there or do that, you can take that to the bank. Winning with grace, and losing with grace, he's the one you wish your opponents all were... just without his startling skills and consistent accuracy! I cannot count the times that I've seen Alan shaking hands with a worthy opponent, someone nailing him with a great shot, or just somebody who hustled hard and gave it their all. Truly a joy to play with, an honor to have as part of Anomaly, and a stand-up guy, Alan, you're a great friend to us all. One of these days, we'll convince you to wear the GoPro, even with your weak neck ;)

Ethan Hall

Born: 1985
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Position: Captain, herder of cats, bringer of cold water, and not quite ever the first person to charge into danger
Number: 30
Main guns: CCM T2 & Ego SL74
Jersey Size: X-Large
Pant Size: Large
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 4+3+2
Hometown: Salem, OR
Profession: Owner of
Playing Since: 1998
Words of Wisdom: "Never stop. Never give up. Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Ever."

Ethan has a lot of experience in the game, first picking up a paintball gun in 1998, starting tournament paintball in '02 and ending up leaving the competitive circuit of the sport in '06 - his core value for the team and moving forward is to have fun while doing it. If we are not grinning at the end of every day of play, or if we aren't excited to hang out and grow our friendships off of the field, then something is seriously wrong.

Starting Hustle Paintball in August 2006, he has grown a great passion for the health of the sport - promoting it safely, supporting companies that do right by their customers, and encouraging others to positively build the paintball community. The current model is wrong! Tournament paintball has it's place in paintball, but it should not the ultimate goal for every player. Magfed, limited paint, and pump play encourage a steady growth of skills without the common frustration that leads to burned out players. When Dan proposed the idea of an all-around team that does scenarios, tournaments, and recreational play, using electronic, pump, or mechanical markers, he was instantly sold.

He never dreamed that he'd switch to using a pump from his beloved Ego (hardheaded? No... you don't say), but when Dan walked in with his brand new T2, Ethan picked it up, loaded up a reball, shot at an impossible target (the door handle on the far side of the warehouse, and they were standing in the front of the showroom) and nailed it in a single shot. He handed the gun back to Dan, walked to his computer, emailed Melissa at CCM and ordered a T2 on the spot.

Ethan has used his hardworking team at Hustle to effectively promote Anomaly and work with various companies in the industry to support the team in what they did. Inspiration and encouragement never runs short with Anomaly and Hustle Paintball, but in spite of that, he has failed to be shouldered with a nickname. Some things will just never change.

Dan Ross

Born: 1990
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 175 lbs
Position: Captain, master of the center bunkers, never seen without a visor, slowest runner, yet somehow manages to avoid getting hit
Number: 51
Main guns: CCM S6 & Palmer's Pursuit Blazer
Jersey Size: 2X-Large
Pant Size: Large
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 4+3+2
Hometown: Louisville, CO
Profession: RTI Liaison
Playing Since: 2000
Words of Wisdom: "Remember - Don't insult the alligator 'til after you cross the river."

Dan Ross started playing paintball at a very young age with his very first paintball gun, then moving on to all manner of Tippmann markers and really excelling in the scenario game; Dan knows his way around any marker and play style. Today, being the captain of Team Anomaly, he is extremely talented and uses a plethora of different markers. From ultra high-end electronics to not-so-state-of-the-art pumps - it just doesn't matter what the situation is, Dan knows what to do and how to do it right. Dan met Ethan at Blitz Paintball in April of 2010 and the two became very good friends, almost immediately. Dan proposed the idea of a team, but not the normal team that you might think of.

Dan proposed a team that played scenarios, big games, tournaments, recreationally, and simply did everything different. Ethan was thrilled by the idea, and the two simply fed off each other's excitement, ending up with a concept that was much larger and far-reaching than either could have done on their own. The idea of Team Anomaly was born, and the lives of everyone on the team have never been the same.

Dan's signature long hair comes and goes, but his tight and precise play style combine with his ungainly run & movements to create an impossibly graceful player who consistently makes it to his bunkers, fearlessly advances, and has an instinct to avoid that incoming paintball. Dan puts Anomaly first in a selfless manner, leading by example and inspiring new and experienced players alike to be tougher, but kinder, competitors.

Josh Lofgreen

Born: 1993
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 140 lbs
Position: Snake on the airball field, and just generally leaving the rest of the team scrabbling for kills behind him
Number: 07
Main guns: Planet Eclipse Ego 7
Jersey Size: Large
Pant Size: Medium
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 3+2+2
Hometown: Louisville, CO
Profession: Student @ Savannah College of Art & Design
Playing Since: 2003
Words of Wisdom: "I bleed lime green."

Though Josh is the youngest member on the team, he doesn't act like it (ok, that's not true. But he's surrounded by a bunch of overgrown children, so it's a bit of a technicality). Dan and I (Ethan) first noticed Josh at Blitz, shortly after the concept of Anomaly was formed. We walked up to him, said "hey, man, how's it going?" He excused himself and moved out of the way. Dan and I looked at each other, laughed, and said "do you want to try out for a scenario paintball team?" Josh immediately said "No, speedball only," but caught himself as he started to check out our gear - we clearly weren't the typical "scenario" ballers he'd seen. He quickly warmed up to the idea and shortly thereafter became the first new member to join through tryouts.

Josh sets a great example on the field as one of the more experienced players. He's got a lot of skills and wisdom to impart but is always open and willing to learn more. One of the most aggressive and quick players on the team, it's only natural that he's at home and so competent in the snake. Scenario or speedball, Josh has extremely good team communication and strives to be the first to the objective.

Right now, we have limited access to our Hater, as he is a student at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and is not available to us during the school year, but Josh will always be one of our core members. Fortunately, he's in town for the busiest months of the paintball season - it's no fun having one of our players out of town, but it's even harder missing a friend. Josh currently uses a midnight Ego 7, but there's a midnight Ego LV1 headed his way soon.

Jay Mead

Born: 1985
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 150 lbs
Position: Dorito Side, watching your back, and "when the hell did he move up there and kill everyone?"
Number: 04
Main guns: Lapco Black Ghost & Planet Eclipse Ego 11
Jersey Size: X-Large
Pant Size: Large
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 4+3+2
Hometown: Longmont, CO
Profession: Sr. Videographer @
Playing Since: 2010
Words of Wisdom: "Obsession is a word that the lazy use to describe the dedicated." -Anonymous

Jay's first time ever playing paintball was at our team's first tryouts. At that time he had a full tacticool setup with a Tippmann A5, red dot sight, stock, tactical vest, and remote coil. Though his skills were so obviously those of a first-timer, he blew our socks off with how he busted his ass so much harder than everyone else there and proved that even though he had a lot to learn, he was willing to learn it and wanted nothing less than to be a teammate and friend.

He came to our first event, Call of Duty, and asked Dan "why is an Ego better than an A5?" Dan handed him his SL74, Jay took one shot, and said "I'm going to get one of these!" He promptly commenced emptying Dan's rotor, refilling it several times and enjoying the hell out of himself. He bought an Etek3 LT the next weekend, and as soon as the Ego11 was unveiled, he announced that he'd like to buy one ("because it was purple" he says). Sprinkles spent every weekend playing paintball with us and came to every event, even though he was not officially affiliated with the team. At the end of 2010, less than 6 months after he started playing, his hard work paid off, and deservedly so - Jay had learned more in a few short months than most people are willing to learn in lifetime of paintball.

In his first tournament ever, he played D-Side and held down the field, never being shot out and helping secure first place for Anomaly. Jay color-swapped his Regal Ego11 to make a purple/white Ego that he named "Carmen," but he pumps with a custom serial numbered Lapco Black Ghost. The serial number is 004, thanks to Sergey of Lapco, and it has "5 is too many" on the right hand side (If you don't know what that means, you're going to have to remain mystified....). Sprinkles is the perfect example of why we do what we do. We have fun with our best friends, and shoot people in the face while doing it.

If Jay isn't shooting people with his paintball gun, he's shooting them with a DSLR still camera or one of's high-end HD video cameras so he can add to Hustle's YouTube videos, which has been one of the main driving forces behind increasing the quality & production level to the point that Hustle has the largest YouTube channel of any paintball retailer on the planet. Sprinks has a lot to be proud of!

Russell Wiarda

Born: 1991
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Position: Supporting from behind & owning the carwash on the airball field, Russ is often the last one alive
Number: 35
Main guns: CCM T2 & Planet Eclipse Ego SLs
Jersey Size: 2X-Large
Pant Size: Large
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 4+3+2
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Profession: Videographer @
Playing Since: 2008
Words of Wisdom: "The more the merrier."

Russell has only been playing paintball since 2008, but is arguably one of the most energetic and talented snapshooters on the team. With an unorthodox & creative style, he'll never do the expected. He is an extremely dedicated player with an unmatched attitude on the field. We really put him through his paces at the beginning, but he grinded hard every weekend for a year to be a part of the team, and now Russ has been an official part of the team since early 2011.

Russell is a hugely enjoyable guy to be around; Anomaly is lucky to have him as a part of the team & Hustle is fortunate to have his drive & enthusiasm involved with filming, editing, and being in front of the camera. Like the rest of the Anomaly guys, one marker simply isn't enough - he's always got quite a selection of markers to choose from but he uses his Brown/Teal CCM T2 far more than any other.

Russ's skill trancends normality, and he pushes himself in ways like practicing against tough tournament teams with his pump, or refusing to use ramping even in tournaments! Those who know him off the field are often shocked at how focused he is when competition at hand - he's very good at adapting to changing situations. He can bounce between hard & fast, focused practice & laid-back games on the spool field with total newbies, easily dropping his intensity at the gate of the airball field when he walks off, picking it right back up when he steps back on.

Luso prevented Josh's Swamp/Thistle Ego SLs from leaving the family, finally retiring his Krypton Ice XSV SL66. Our resident hipster, he was agg before it was cool - passion doesn't even begin to describe his love for paintball. Playing twice a weekend whenever possible, there isn't an event that he's missed since he's been on the team. He's a popular figure in the Hustle Reloads and works alongside Jay with the unstoppable goal of making Hustle's YouTube channel the best and biggest in paintball - his dedication to that knows no bounds. Anomaly & Hustle would truly be lessened without Luso HHH!

David "Torch" Mcclannahan

Born: 1988
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 185 lbs
Position: Dorito side on the airball field, general runner, scout and accomplished face painter everywhere else
Number: 27
Main guns: Planet Eclipse Ego SL74
Jersey Size: X-Large
Pant Size: X-Large
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 3+2+2
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Profession: Youth Minister
Playing Since: 1999
Words of Wisdom: "Hopes placed in mortals die with them; all the promise of their power comes to nothing" - Proverbs 11:7

Torch wasn't known to us as "David" until we'd been playing with him for about 2 years. Even still, it seems strange to call him by his given name - he's just always been "Torch!" The sign of a true nickname is when you introduce yourself by your birth name, and your friends correct you immediately. Torch focus his efforts on field sense, accurate shooting, and sprinting. He is almost always found at the most forward bunker, shouting the positions of opponents out and making sure everyone's aware of what's up.

Known for shooting mostly mechanical markers, his slow and steady approach to gun fighting is highly effective. He started playing paintball in the summer of '99, in the backwoods of Georgia with his older bother and their friends. Standing up to the weekly beatings, Torch soon became an serious opponent.

He moved to Colorado in 2003 and found Tunka and some guys at his school that played. Through Tunka, regular days at Blitz, and scenario games, Torch played alongside or against Anomaly almost weekly. When he saw the team continue to grow together & the accomplishments of Anomaly in 2011, he made it clear that he wanted to join the ranks. Always reliable, always supporting the team, he's got national experience in the UWL and is dying to get Anomaly to the national scene while still having fun!

Erik Cromer

Born: 1985
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Position: Home bunker on the airball field & he never backs down from a challenge anywhere else... usually to his opponents detriment
Number: 611
Main guns: Planet Eclipse GEO3 & CCM T2
Jersey Size: X-Large
Pant Size: Medium/Large
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 3+2+2
Hometown: Gathersburg, MD
Profession: Community Manager @
Playing Since: 1998
Words of Wisdom: "People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours."

Erik started playing paintball with his father back in 1998. He took the chance to play paintball on and off throughout the years, but nothing serious ever developed. He eventually found his first extreme sport, motorcycle racing, and soon learned that good things come with hard work and practice. He won Rookie of the Year in 2008 and 4 championships in 2009. The 2010 season started off strong, but came to a halt after a crash in which he injured his ACL, MCL, & Meniscus in his right knee.

In 2011, he stopped racing and rekindled his love for paintball. He bought a Tippman 98 custom and proceeded to buy every single upgrade possible to make it into a "speedball" gun. Big mistake! Soon after learning his lesson he bought an Empire Axe, which he used up until he saw the light and moved on over to the Planet Eclipse team, where he currently uses a Dark Lady GEO3. Since March 0f 2012, he's managed to play every single weekend, through knee pain and dislocations. Some may call it foolish, but his heart and desire to play the sport as much as possible has blinded all reason.

Erik was so impressed with how different the dynamic was between Anomaly and the companies that supported us, versus the demanding and thankless culture of motorcycle racing, even though he was the top racer in his division, year after year. Eager to embrace a much more friendly culture built by and the great companies that we choose to support, it didn't take long for him to realize that you still can compete at high levels of a sport and never stop having fun!

Cromer is well-known wherever we go as a friendly, helpful player - if your gun is in need of repair or you're simply frustrated with paintball that day, he's lending a helping hand with knowledge, spare gear, and the occassional mentoring gog shot. Though he's had less recent paintball experience than some of the other guys on Anomaly, his constant desire to push himself and Anomaly forward at every moment possible has leapt his skills far past his already formidable natural talent and ability. Whether it's his Eclipse GEO3, a beat-up mechanical ION, or his beloved CCM T2, he craves the opportunities to play paintball. "I've never had a bad time playing paintball... because I was PLAYING PAINTBALL!!!"

James "Cali" Bianca

Born: 1985
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 155 lbs
Position: Cali will shoot you out from anything and anywhere. "I've never met a bunker I didn't like"
Number: 09
Main guns: CCM'd Pump FBM Autococker & Planet Eclipse Ego 11
Jersey Size: X-Large
Pant Size: Medium/Large
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 4+3+2
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Profession: Warehouse Tech
Playing Since: 1998
Words of Wisdom: "Do, or do not. There is no try." - Jedi Master Yoda

Anomaly first met Cali around the same time as Ben, in early 2011 - he quickly impressed us with his unparalleled dedication and his ability to tech just about anything. Then he started shooting us in the face on a consistent basis and we really took notice. Rain, shine, snow, wind - it didn't matter - he showed up to play, to help out new players at the field, to hump pods and gear around for Anomaly at Blitz tournaments - he was clearly prepared to be with us through thick and thin.

Cali showed his true humility when we made a big announcement of "Oh, we only have room on the team for one person, so Ben, you made it!" Without hesitation, he started clapping and cheering, though it was clear to all of us that his desire to be on Anomaly was paramount - we could only keep up the charade for about 2 minutes before we burst out laughing, snapped him with his Anomaly headband and welcomed him to the team. As if there was any question...

Cali is slow to anger (even after getting overshot!), quick to shoot you in the face, and demonstrates unquestioning & undying loyalty to his brothers. He's suffered with Anomaly through the too-many-guys-on-a-van-for-12-hours trips with nothing but jokes, laughter, and a good attitude, he's slept out in the cold for all-weekend scenario games, and he's shared in the glory of Anomaly taking 1st place in the Open Division of Blitz's Championship Series. You simply can't stop him from showing up to help out, play paintball, support his team in any way possible - a true brother is this one.

Cali is happy to take his Ego11 to any field or play any style with it, and eqally happy to rock one of his many half-blocked cocker pumps as well. CCM components only for his pumps, though he prefers the bodies to be something not quite "off the shelf." Regardless of the work level required, Cali will push himself and his brothers towards the goal - the most reassuring thing about rolling with him is that he simply won't let you give up!

Ben Lucero

Born: 1987
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 190 lbs
Position: Snake on the airball field and just generally "how does he make himself so small?" everywhere else
Number: 23
Main guns: CCM Pump FBM Autococker
Jersey Size: X-Large
Pant Size: Medium/Large
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 4+3+2
Hometown: Denver, CO
Profession: Granite Installer
Playing Since: 2011
Words of Wisdom: “If you're too open-minded; your brains will fall out.” ― Lawrence Ferlinghetti

It's hard to believe that Ben has only been playing since 2011 - we first met him at DMS's Battle for the Bride scenario in Sedalia, CO in 2011. We didn't know how those humble beginnings would turn out for Ben. He quickly joined us up at Blitz Paintball on a weekly basis, though the drive to play is significantly farther than some of his other options. For Ben, though, it wasn't about the closest field he could go to, it was about the best possible paintball experience he could have, and that was clearly with the Anomaly guys. Pushing his skills from the beginning with pump and mechanical markers, it wasn't until mid-2012 that he ever played with an electronic paintball gun!

After helping support the Anomaly tournament players in the first few Novice events at Blitz's Championship Series at the end of 2011, he was chomping at the bit for the 2012 events to start. He played with Anomaly in the Blitz Championship Series in the Novice Division, helping Anomaly win several 1st place medals, several 2nd place, and an overall 2nd place in the series for the year.

But the challenge of Open class was looming for 2013, and there was simply no backing down. With our primary snake player out of town, he stepped up to the plate, worked his ass off, and merc'd everyone who he faced in the snake, finding a new love on the airball field. As one of the first players in the world to use the Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 (months before their release), he was completely convinced that that was his new electronic gun! Ben and his girlfriend have a little girl on the way, but he assured us that "I'll still be balling - don't think for a second that I would ever stop!"

Alan "Landshark" Helwig

Born: 1965
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 205 lbs
Position: Watching your back & always reminding you to "check your pack, player!!!!"
Number: 44
Main guns: CCM T2 & Planet Eclipse Ego LV1
Jersey Size: X-Large
Pant Size: Large
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 4+3+2
Hometown: Yuba City, CA
Profession: Auto Claims Manager
Playing Since: 1989
Words of Wisdom: Remember the past, live for today, plan for tomorrow.

"Hey Dan, who's that guy dressed all goofy that just shot us out?" Alan got back into sport in 2012 after a bit of a hiatus, and with him came his silly-ass 1990's gear. But his skills weren't silly, that's for sure - he quickly caught our attention with his great attitude and signature yell of "How 'bout it, player? How 'bout it on your hopper!!!" We never thought that an old guy would want to run with a bunch of childish goofballs like us, but after a few weeks of playing w/ Alan at Blitz, he made it clear that he wanted to be a part of what we had going on. Alan has competed on the national circuit and knows what it was like to work every Saturday, practice your face off every Sunday, and completely lose your enjoyment for the sport. "And what you guys have got here, it ain't that!"

He showed up to the tournaments and started supporting and encouraging the guys in their first Open event of the year in early 2013, and when they took 3rd place, he was damn near in tears! We could tell that his dedication was strong, even before he was on the team! As is the nature of Anomaly, we love to pull pranks and throw surprises, so we invited him out to our favorite brewpub in Boulder, CO (Avery Brewing Company), to, y'know, hang out w/ the guys that you've been playing paintball with! We had his jersey, shirt, and headgear smuggled in with us, and once everyone (finally!) showed up, we made the announcement that our "age cap" had been raised and we presented him with his gear.

Alan is the voice of reason on the team, the encouragement & support when times are tough. He's a reminder that paintball is ageless (usually when he's running past you, or shooting you in the face), and truly brings people with divergent backgrounds together. His sense of humor is very strong, and he takes our antics in stride, like when we surprised him with his new CCM T2. Our belief is that whether it's working, balling, or just living - you should take every opportunity to smile, laugh, and enjoy the time you have with those who are close to you. Welcome to the family, Alan!

Dan "Dash" Thompson

Born: 1992
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Position: Leading the charge to the deadbox, no matter where he is
Number: 8
Main guns: CCM T2, Planet Eclipse Ego SL94 & CCM J2
Jersey Size: Large
Pant Size: X-Small/Small
Pack Size: NXe Elevation Series 4+3+2
Hometown: Lake in the Hills, IL
Profession: Product Developer @
Playing Since: 2006
Words of Wisdom: "A person's true nature is revealed at times of the greatest adversity."

We first met Dash when he walked into Hustle Paintball, introduced himself and handed me his resume. My first thought was "this spazz is never going to work out here..." but I was impressed in spite of myself by his conduct and attitude towards paintball as a sport, helping out new players, and setting himself up to always challenge his paintball game without stomping on the new guys. Hence, why he was primarily a stock-class pumper. I hired him on the spot and he quickly showed that he was willing to bleed for a company and a team that stood for something. His passion for educating and helping new players makes him a natural in front of the camera, on the phone, or simply developing the website to properly show off all the aspects of the products that Hustle sells so that people can make the right decision!

Continuing on with the tradition that surprises are best, we invited Dash along to an Anomaly team dinner with the double intention of surprising Alan with his new CCM T2 & welcoming Dash to the team. He brings youthful enthusiasm and exhuberance to an already overflowing pot of crazy. Just another reason why Anomaly is a model for other team - the commitment we have to each other off the field is paramount. We've got to depend on our brothers in every situation - work, paintball, or just real life. Dash was only in our lives a short time when numerous examples of his integrity appeared. Ensuring that anyone around him is having the best day of paintball they can is his MO, at one point stepping in between two angry players, each outweighing & towering over him, fearlessly defusing the situation. Dash pushes himself to new challenges in every aspect of paintball, jumping right into the Open division on the airball field, always taking the hard route on the scenario and rec field - if he didn't have to play his ass off to win the game, then it wasn't a fun game.